Minutes Wed. 4/3/19

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM at Cris's home.

Phil gave the Treasurer's report and was dismayed that so far he only collected dues from 5 members.  $40.00 club dues, FLW $75.00, Bassmaster $60.00.

The up-coming year's tournament schedule was given out by Cris--(see tournament schedule)

We need a Tournament Director and 2 Weed inspectors

Weed Inspection from now on will be conducted by each club.  No more volunteers.  The person will be "trained" by the faculty of Lakes Environmental Assn, or LEA.  The training certificate will be given after attending their classes on  26 April at USM. Lewiston-Auburn, 51 Westminster St.,Lewiston, Session A, room 170, 12:30--1:30.  Forms for the inspections will be given out. 

Respectfully, Doc 

Wed. Sept. 5th 2018

The meeting was called to order by Cris at 7:00.

  1.  The 1st order or business was to discuss the need for electing a new president because Shane has a new work schedule which precludes him from continuing.  After appropriate discussion, Cris was elected.
  2. John Trask will assume Tournament director, again because of Rick's conflicts
  3. Dave Cousins will be our TBF rep.
  4. Rick Davidson will be our Vice-President and Bass rep.
  5. THE MAJOR GOAL from now on will be to have 1 tournament/mo. during the season.
  6. Discussion concerned better PARTICIPATION and two ideas were to either have the 2 top club boaters have the Fish-Off entry fee paid, or use the money towards next yrs. dues.  The non-boaters could split non-boaters money.
  7. Get Schedules at Nov. meeting so to better plan next years tournaments.
  8. BRING DUES TO NOV. MEETING--Club 40$, BASS 60$, TBF 75$,
  9.  Phil gave treasury report (please speak to him personally if you want specifics). There are no major issues at this time.
  10. Lastly the members decided not to have E-mail addresses on the web site.  Several have listed their phones tho.    
  11. Respectfully submitted, Doc

No meeting on 8/1/2018