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April 4th, 2019

  • We had our meeting last night and only 5 members showed up!   I am personally disappointed because Phil needs the dues to run the club for the coming year and also we don't have a feel for the actual numbers of people who will be fishing, (both boaters and non-boaters). The new tournament schedule is now up but we haven't been able to establish the draw for Swan.
  • Please call Phil or e-mail him to indicate your desires.  
  • Have a great 2019

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April 8,2019                                                                                 

July 16, 2018


Sorry guys, we haven't had a meeting for two months so there is nothing specific to report. However, you may be interested in a few comments below. I would like to thank Jim Landry for taking the beautiful pictures of our Open. It was very thoughtful that he went to all the trouble and would not accept money in return. 

John Trask is off to New York again to fish with the "big boys". Good luck John, from all of us!

🎣 I was very sorry that the weather was so terrible for the Open. 28 boats started and only 11 weighed in! Of course you will remember that the entry fee was $40/person. Be sure to look for our next Open on Cobb 10/14/18. This is our big breast cancer awareness tournament, where all proceeds will be donated to breast cancer research. 

🙏 Hope you all pray for my neighbor Gary, who is only 52 and will undergo radical treatment for kidney cancer. 

May 22, 2018


Echo Lake 6/2/2018

  • Extra tournament at Echo Lake on Saturday 6/2, CMR

Androscoggin Open 7/1/2018

ANDROSCOGGIN RIVER on 7/1/2018.  The fee will be 80$ per boat.  Fish alone or as a team.  Blast-off at 8am--Weigh-in 4pm.  Call Shane or John if you need more  info




Blast-Off--Ryan Cote

3) Cousins

4) Cris--Matt

5) Shane--Issac

6) Phil--George

7) John T--

8) Toby

9) J Nicols--Jim Dorak

10) Doc--Miles

11) Williams--Ellis

12) Rick

13) Role--Ryan  STARTER



The meeting will be rescheduled for Friday, February 16th at Cris Brewer's house. We will be collecting dues at that meeting.


Club dues $40

FLW and TBF $75 (includes both)

National Bass $50

Really looking forward to 2018's tournaments, starting with Great Pond on April 21st and ending October 20th at Androscoggin Lake, (see tournament schedule). I'm also excited about our two opens: The first on July 1st at Androscoggin River, and the 2nd on October 4th on Cobb, in support of Breast Cancer. Incidentally, last year we were able to contribute $2, 250. 


I would love your feedback on Flashers especially for running to find hydrilla, grass lines and mats, Also, how many of you use Flashers for real time signals especially at speed?

For more information, call Shane Gagnon, President at (207) 320-3324

                                                       In your service,


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours from all of us!!!

Dec. 1st 2017

Minutes from FLW meeting (attended by Shane and Rick)

Pres. Nick Deering
V Pres. Roger LaFlame
Treas. Keith
Sec. Seth Rivard
Tour Dir. Bill Centra
Conservation looking for someone interested
Media Shawn
Marketing Herb

Nick agreed to be Pres. but meetings will have to be moved to Mondays

April 21 Damariscotta (TBF vs BASS)
July 8 China ?
            July 21 Androscoggin River
            July 22 Androscoggin Lake
August 11 Cobb (Lobster Bake) 

There is a gofundme page for Thomas Behen Memorial Fund. Story and link on the TBF web site. Maine TBF donated $300

Some conversation on how to boost membership.

There will be no changes as to how divisionals will be run but Robert Cartlidge is will to meet at a gathering, i.e. banquet monthly meeting ect. preferably with more then one state present, to discuss and answer any questions.

 This is all I can remember from the notes I have.

Here are the club member names Al Smith Bobby Williams Charlie Wilson Chris Brewer Chris Lee Clint Bevins (moved) Dave Cousins Dennis Goodman George Galant Issac Busway Jack Rockroth Jim Landry John Trask Jonathan Nichols Pete Kjenstad Phil Trembeley Rick Davidson Ryan Cote Ryan Wheeler Shane Gagnon Shon Ellis Toby Suttie.

Nov. 23rd 2017
I'm EXCITED to have launched our new webpage today! Also am happy to say we can reach out to other anglers on our facebook page. Hopefully we will encourage a greater membership. Really looking forward to 2018.

Nov. 2nd 2017
We owe Rick a huge thank you for keeping meticulous records for every club tournament and open tournament this year. The final tallies will be found under Tournament Results.Everyone should make it a point to congratulate Rick for doing such an arduous job. He is very special to us.

Oct. 26th 2017.  Another good year in the books.  Will put up results from last tournament and total year results when I receive them from Rick.  Also be sure to bring your dues Wed. for the club, FlW and Bass.
Congratulations to Cris Brewer for  winning at Androscoggin, with a total wt. of 23#10oz.  Second was Shane  Gagnon with 20.45 and Third was Johnathan Nichols with 19.30.  Lunker  also went to Johnathan with 5.9!  Cris said a Jig did the trick in relatively deep pre-spawn water.   Also a shout-out to those of you who always help at the weigh-in.*Please look carefully at the tournament dates--SOME HAVE CHANGED*
March 6, 2017
​Cobbosseeconte Lake (Breast Cancer Awareness) OPEN Sunday, Oct. 15, 2017
We at Western Maine Anglers would love to have you on-board to sponsor this very special tournament. By sponsoring our OPEN, sponsors will draw many anglers from all over the country and will give your company excellent exposure. We would be very proud to advertise your company's name and give the public knowledge of all your products. Our tournaments are held in a most professional manner by the dedication of our club anglers who have given back to the community clean and organized public ramp areas, as wells to our vets and youth.
​Several OPEN tournaments have had sponsor BANNERS in backgrounds which will be at the weigh-in and during the tournament, in full view of the public. Not only anglers come to this tournament, but plenty of public as well.  With that said, we would like to ask participation from your company in purchasing added prizes such as (gas, gift, or money valued prizes). We also would like to advertise this tournament with a purchase of t-shirts for the club.
We also want to continue to urge all to donate their time and effort to making this the WORTHY CAUSE that it is.

  1. Thank you in advance for our great relationships in the past and hopefully this year.  Shane Gagnon, Pi

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